ETHICS LINKS – 1: Metalinks (databases, etc.)

This directory is provided as a reference guide for persons concerned about moral problems. If you wish to suggest additional items for inclusion, contact the authors via email.

Since categories are overlapping and since there are many multipurpose organizations, it will be helpful to consult a number of topically related sections.

I METALINKS (directories/lists of links/databases)
Both general and specialized. Some consist entirely of links, others are attached to the main pages of organizations, centers, etc. that appear also in the respective categories where deemed appropriate.

AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science)

Database of Human Rights Sites on the Internet
AAAS Resources

Action without Borders:

Other Nonprofit Directories on the Web Organization Search

American Association of Bioethics:
The American Society of Bioethics and Humanities Home Page

Other Bioethics Websites
ASBH Links

Baobab Computing
Corporate Power Links

California State University Fullerton:

School of Communication:
College of Communications

Ethics on the World-Wide Web
Ethics on the World Wide Web

Center for the Study of Ethics, Utah Valley State College:

Other Ethics Centers

Center for Democracy and Technology:

Resource Library
CDT Resource Library

Feminist Resources

Conflict Research Consortium, University of Colorado

DMOZ Ethics

Electronic Frontier Foundation_Archive

Ethics in Science – Chemistry Dept. of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State Univ.


Educational Resources

The Ethical Spectacle:

Other Ethical, Political, and Legal Sites on the Web
Ethical Spectacle– Links table

Global Ethics Observatory
GEObs Databases

Google Search
Ethics Database

Google Search
Ethics Links

Harvard Divinity School:
Harvard Divinity School

Resources and Links – Resources

Anti-Violence Resources – Anti-Violence Resources

The Feminist Majority Foundation Online:

Feminist Research Center
Feminist Research Center

Human Rights Interactive Network:

Human Rights Internet:

The Human Rights Databank

Human Rights Web

IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) Ethics Committee:

Ethics Organizations and Resources
IEEE Links

Institute for Business and Professional Ethics, DePaul University:

Ethics Links

Medical College of Wisconsin:

Bioethics Online Service

Microsoft Search
Ethics Databases

Microsoft Search
Ethics Links

NGO Committee on Disarmament

Nimitz Library Ethics Databases and Indexes

The Philosopher’s Index

University of British Columbia Centre for Applied Ethics Home Page:

Applied Ethics Resources on WWW

University of Toronto Law Library Women’s Rights Resources

The Women’s Resource Project

Women’s Resources

Yahoo Search
Ethics Databases

Yahoo Search
Ethics Links

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