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article: The Joker Syndrome

THE JOKER SYNDROME [ October 9, 2012 ] A unique experiment in the history of mankind, the United States has been responsible for many admirable initiatives, accomplishments, and achievements. There are however certain dangers inherent in the American psyche and ethos connected with this very impressive track record that I would like to call attention […]

article: How to Pay for it?

How to Pay for It? Commentary Read on KGNU fm Boulder County Community Radio 9/22/01 By Joseph B. Juhasz What this country needs is less talk of crusades and blood vengeance and more problem-solving aimed at reducing our vulnerability to terrorism. Less excitable thrashing about threatening vengeance and escalating blood-letting, and more sober and determined […]

article: If I Were President…

What Domestic Policies Would I Pursue  if I Were President? Commentary Read on KGNU fm Boulder County Community Radio 9/20/01 By Joseph B. Juhasz The hyper-real afterimages of the terrorist attacks upon the United States had not yet faded before the predictable clamor for vengeance and retaliation began. As if two wrongs could ever make […]

article: War is Good for Business

War Is Good for Business Commentary Read on KGNU fm Boulder County Community Radio 9/13/01 By Joseph B. Juhasz  The secretary of state has said that Monday’s terrorist attacks on New York and Washington mean war. The president and commander-in-chief has promised retaliation against the terrorists and those who harbor them. Thus, we are caught […]

article: Low-Income Elderly Hurt by Bush Policies

May 20, 2006 Low-Income Elderly Hurt by Bush Policies For some time now, economists have warned of the dire consequences attendant on the present administration’s fiscal strategy. They note that persistent yearly budget deficits, having already led to a gigantic national debt, may undermine confidence in the currency, which is supported by foreign investment in […]

article: Key to the Da Vinci Code’s Success

May 23, 2006 Key to the Da Vinci Code’s Success Semiotics teaches that all communication is in code. Solving the code’s message is however a much more onerous and tricky task than it is generally realized, because the apparent or surface meaning of a text, such as obtained for instance by using standard dictionaries, may […]

article: Bill Gates’s Decision

June 21, 2006  Bill Gates’s Decision Gates’s announcement that he will shift the focal point of his attention from software to philanthropy was a surprise to the public. Despite the pledge, clearly aimed at reassuring investors, about remaining Chairman of Microsoft and the gradualness of the transition, this was—and may have even been intended as—a  […]