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Our objective to formulate an ethic acceptable to all human beings imposed on us the necessity of drafting this outline in a manner as clear and concise as we know how. Philosophical and scientific jargon was either eschewed or, if judged unavoidable, explained in the text. In order to make the development unencumbered, we tried […]


ISSUES IN APPLIED ETHICS 7.1.The Game of “Who is Right?” – What is Right, and What are Rights Anyway? People usually quote the saying “might is right” as a reproachful, resigned, or ironic comment to mean that it is not supposed to be. This constitutes a perfect example of the clash of the two contradictory […]


ISSUES IN APPLIED ETHICS: 7.2. Guilt It is interesting to note that in English guilt means both “culpability” and “remorse,” as if the spirit of the language itself wished to pander to the notion that they are the same. In truth they refer to very different phenomena. Even at an elementary level we should distinguish […]

ISSUES IN APPLIED ETHICS: 7.3 Nature + Animals

7. 3. Nature: Friend or Foe? 7.3.1. Respecting All Life Is an Impossible Goal Common to many of the environmental, sustainable development, ecological balance, conservation, green, wildlife protection, animal rights, earth ethic, Gaia, respect or reverence for life, vegetarian, etc. movements, organizations, federations, and unions thriving, among other places, on the Internet today is much […]

ISSUES IN APPLIED ETHICS: 7.4 celebrity, or the cult of nothingness

7.4. Celebrity, or the Cult of Nothingness Recently a fashionable photographer was admitted to the presence of Michael Jackson. Surrounded by his staff, the rock idol was bandaged from head to toe; water was pouring from all over him, collecting in a pool at his feet. The photographer beheld the scene transfixed, not knowing what […]


7.5. Leadership If leadership ability is due to a personal quality that influences people’s decisions regardless of rational considerations by which the desirability of actions could be weighed objectively, it can be harmful, and the conclusion that the societal role of leaders should be minimized or eliminated appears justified. But the general public perception of […]